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Maria Konnovalenko

Born in Mumansk, Russia. Close to Norway and Finland. Graduated from a Physics&Maths boarding school in St.Petersburg. Then went for the best technical education in Russia – Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Molecular Biophysics. Now working for the Science for LIfe Extension Foundation. I don’t want to die myself and don’t want the others to die. Don’t want to age and get old, ugly and frail. I need to make an effort, so that aging could be defeated.

Interests: life, laughing, transhumanism, linguistics, biology, snowboarding, coffee, america, singing, shoes, karaoke, studying, iphone, courtney love, partying, soad, self-improvement, biotech, going out, fifth element, stem cells, marlene dietrich, biochemistry, gerontology, macbooks, eternal life, anti-aging, abercrombie&fitch, biogerontology, immortalism, changing hair color, not aging, fighting aging, technology development, different cities, smart conversations


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